Girl with Golden Puppy or Yorkie

Extra bling wine glass girl with golden. Will come with a PINK dress unless you choose another color. Also choose your catch phrase.

All Glasses will come with the Catch Phrase. Choose one below.

1. "Do You Know How Expensive It Is To Be Me?!" 

2."Cheers To Working Everyday & Whining EveryNight!"

3. "Today Its All About Me"

4. "Im Sexy And I Know It!"

5. "You Had Me At Merlot.."

6. "To Me!"

7. "Friends Always There When You Need To Whine!"

You Can Personalize Your Glass With A Name Please Check That Option, there is a additional $2.00 fee. If The Option Is Not Checked The Name Will Not Be Added To The Glass. Thank You.


Girl with Golden Puppy or Yorkie
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Price $30.99